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The application for wheel alignment turn plate

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The application for wheel alignment turn plate

Before the tested vehicle is driven on the lift, it is necessary to check whether the tire pressure of the four wheels meets the standard tire pressure, and check whether the tire pattern is severely worn.

Make sure that the width of the two load-bearing plates of the lift is consistent with the front and rear wheelbases of the vehicle to be tested, then lower the lift to the lowest point, and ensure that the fixing pins of the corner plate and the rear slide plate are all inserted, and then the tested vehicle is installed. When the vehicle is driven on the lift, the vehicle should be in front of the lift, and the body should not be tilted.

The two front wheels of the vehicle should fall on the center of the two corner discs, and the discs of the corner discs should be evenly distributed on both sides of the tires. After the vehicle is turned off, apply the handbrake, roll down the left front window glass, and the driver leaves the vehicle. The operator needs to squeeze hard on the front and rear of the body, respectively, to reset the vehicle's suspension.

In this way, the turntable placement steps of the four-wheel aligner are completed.

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