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24 inch Universal Big Truck Alignment Wheel Clamps

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1. Specification for truck wheel alignment clamp


Truck wheel alignment machine

Clamping size

11-30 inch rim

Target hole diameter

Φ15,Φ16 or 18mm

Accumulative tolerance


Raw material

Alu, steel, plastic


Blue, red, etc







One set incl.

4pcs clamps

2. Product Description for truck wheel aligner clamp

Fits any size rims.

Rugged design with two types of clamps guarantees a secure fit.

Perfect for repair stores and vehicles with expensive wheel rims.

3. Features for truck wheel clamp

● Heavy duty vehicles have deformation and out-of-round rims, many large vehicle fixtures will repeat the error is very large, sometimes the vehicle being adjusted to eat the tires, but the problem has become more serious, this fixture adopts the internal clamping axle head method, to avoid the error brought about by the deformation of the rim or the pressure bar, and to improve the accuracy of the measurements.

● The fixture is equipped with the function of measuring and adjusting the deformation calibration (coaxiality) of the rim.

● The fixture is equipped with an anti-detachment function to prevent the fixture from falling off and damaging the sensor.

● The clamp is made of aluminum alloy, which is lightweight and highly accurate.

● The fixture is equipped with multi-function jaws, suitable for all wheels.


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