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We Make Unique Products For You, You Are Unique To Us!
With our rich experience, precise equipment, professional R&D team, we can offer the best OEM&ODM services to you!
What is the OEM&ODM?


OEM means Original Equipment Manufacturer, OEM Manufacturing allows you realizing your own product ideas while we the Manufacturing Company only do the implementation.


ODM means Original Development Manufacturer, ODM represents the Original Design Manufacturer in the supply chain, it means that the manufacturer has to make products according to the buyer’s design but base them loosely on the existing products.
What’s OEM&ODM advantages?
OEM pros
 Reduce your costs
 You no need to produce, but only foucs on sales and profits
 We use cutting-edge technology, you can improve better quality and design by us.
 OEM allows you to make the best products for your target market.
 If you have the right protections and contracts in place, you will own the intellectual property.
 You will introduce a unique product to the market
ODM pros
 The product development takes a little time. we will ship the samples to you within a few days so that you can check.
We are always ready to offer limited customization.
 Because the design improved base on our current products, so the molds and tooling are cheaper then you think.
Customization Process

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