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You give us a concerption, we help you to make it come true.
The customer tell us what they want,we can help you to design.
 It is ok you describe the sizes and construction, we help you to make 3D model to simulate, if the simulation test ok, we can make sample for customer's approval.
It is also ok customer send us technical drawings, we produce as per your drawings and requirement.
If customer no technical drawing, you also can send us a sample for design.
For any requirement, you can ask us at any time.

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To do the best wheel alignment accessories.


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More than 80% of our empolyees, especially important technicians in our factory have been working more than 15 years.


Small Qnt orders are also welcome.

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Dongguan Shengxin Metal products Co.,Ltd, one of the leading manufacturers for wheel alignment accessories in China, the wheel alignment accessories include wheel alignment clamp, turntable, car steering wheel holder, brake pedal depressor, stand column, etc. These alignment accessories can be used for 3d, laser and CCD wheel alignment machines of different brands.


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These are the steps to operate the four wheel alignment test: 1. Park your vehicle on a level surface or a 4-post lift, make sure the center point of the vehicle and lifter coincide. Check the air pressure and adjust if necessary.2. If necessary, check and modify the specifications of the vehicle.3,

Wheel alignment turn plates, which are essential for testing four-wheel alignments, are an indispensable accessory for wheel alignment machines.What is the working principle behind a four-wheel alignment turntable?The basic principle behind it is that the wheel rotation adjusts the rotation of the

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