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How do wheel alignment machine work?

These are the steps to operate the four wheel alignment test: 1. Park your vehicle on a level surface or a 4-post lift, make sure the center point of the vehicle and lifter coincide. Check the air pressure and adjust if necessary.2. If necessary, check and modify the specifications of the vehicle.3,

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How do wheel alignment turn plates work?

Wheel alignment turn plates, which are essential for testing four-wheel alignments, are an indispensable accessory for wheel alignment machines.What is the working principle behind a four-wheel alignment turntable?The basic principle behind it is that the wheel rotation adjusts the rotation of the

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How do wheel alignment clamps work?

Wheel alignment clamps are a must-have accessory for four-wheel alignment machines, which is very important for four wheel alignment testing, and almost all four wheel alignment machines need wheel alignment clamp to complete four-wheel alignment testing. What is the working principle of wheel clamp

The application for wheel alignment turn plate

Before the tested vehicle is driven on the lift, it is necessary to check whether the tire pressure of the four wheels meets the standard tire pressure, and check whether the tire pattern is severely worn.Make sure that the width of the two load-bearing plates of the lift is consistent with the fron


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