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How do wheel alignment machine work?

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How do wheel alignment machine work?

These are the steps to operate the four wheel alignment test:

1. Park your vehicle on a level surface or a 4-post lift, make sure the center point of the vehicle and lifter coincide. Check the air pressure and adjust if necessary.

2. If necessary, check and modify the specifications of the vehicle.

3. Install the wheel alignment clamp, wheel alignment turn plates and sensor, follow the instructions and hit the direction left/right to check the rear and front axle data.

4. Install the wheel alignment car steering wheel holder and brake pedal depressor, to fix your steering wheel and brake pedal.

5. Lift the vehicle, adjust rear tilt, front beam angle and camber of front axle, then check and adjust front beam angle.

6. Turn the bolts tighten for a test drive.

7. All steps must be followed, any omissions are not allowed. You should also perform tire testing and wheel deviation compensation as necessary. You need to input the appropriate content of tire detection into the instrument.

8. Then you get your car wheel alignment data, according to this data, the mechanics will adjust your car, to get it closer to the original factory data.


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