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The application for wheel alignment clamp

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The application for wheel alignment clamp

Adjust the wheel alignment clamp according to the wheel size of the vehicle to be tested. Most of the wheel clamps need to be clamped to the hub. First, place the four claws on the edge of the outer hub, and then adjust the top knob to ensure that the entire wheel clamp is clamped on the outer edge of the hub. If If there is an extension arm, you need to adjust the length of the arm holding tire, and then push the arm switch with both hands at the same time to ensure that the top of the holding arm can be stuck in the tire tread. If there is a safety rope, you can also use the safety rope instead of the arm. Then install the 4 sensors on the wheel clamp, pay attention to apply a little lubricating oil to the pin of the sensor, in order to prevent the positioning shaft from being worn out due to repeated plugging and unplugging for a long time, which will reduce the measurement accuracy.

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