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How do wheel alignment clamps work?

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How do wheel alignment clamps work?

Wheel alignment clamps are a must-have accessory for four-wheel alignment machines, which is very important for four wheel alignment testing, and almost all four wheel alignment machines need wheel alignment clamp to complete four-wheel alignment testing.


What is the working principle of wheel clamps?

It works as follows: We take out one wheel alignment clamp from the packing box, put it to the wheel rim or tire, adjust it, make sure it clamp tight on wheel rim or tire, then install the target board to the wheel clamps, and collect and feedback data by directly contacting the wheel, so that the wheel data collected during the positioning process is more accurate, thus helping to fix and correct the collision more accurately. Our wheel alignment clamps can be adapted to four-wheel machines with eccentricity compensation, which reduces errors caused by wheel and tire deformation and ensures test accuracy, or to four-wheel machines that do not require eccentricity compensation.


How do wheel alignment clamps work?

The use method for wheel alignment clamps is simple, please see below.

1) The use method for wheel alignment rim clamp:

First, we take out the wheel clamps from the carton, then grab the top knob, adjust the clamps to the same size as your wheel, then put the clamp fingers into the gap between the wheel and the tire, then adjust the top knob again to make all four fingers hold the wheel steadily, then you can start your Then you can start your four wheel alignment test.

2) The use method for wheel alignment tire clamp:

this kind of wheel clamp is mainly used to clamp the tire to test, to a certain extent to avoid the scratching of the wheel, the use method is also through adjusting the knob to automatically adjust the clamping range of the holding arm, when the holding arm is as big as the tire you want to test, clamp it to the outer edge of the tire and lock it tight, try to use your hand to shake it to see if the wheel clamps will fall off.


The above is the working principle of wheel clamps and specific operation steps, for more questions, please feel free to contact us through the following ways: mail: sales@shengxinwj.com, Tel: 86-769-89876919

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