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We adhere to the principle of providing our customers with the car wheel alignment clamp, and offer them various types and functions of car clamps,we have four-point wheel clamps, three-point wheel clamps and magnetic wheel clamps, etc. In addition to the common models we often produce, we can also help you customize the special car wheel clamps for your alignment machine, based on our long years of professional experience, we can design and produce a unique high-quality car wheel clamps. Our wheel alignment clamps are made of high strength aluminium and steel, combined with high-precision machining, which makes our car wheel clamps excellent in strength, smoothness and precision. All our wheel clamps with durable surface treatment and have passed stringent testing standards. A nice car wheel alignment machine cannot be separated from a good car wheel clamp, our wheel clamp is strong, accurate, durable and the great price with the same quality. Whether it is a four-point wheel clamp, three-point wheel clamp and magnetic wheel clamp, they can meet your needs very well. Choose us, we are your car wheel alignment accessories expert!

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