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How do wheel alignment turn plates work?

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How do wheel alignment turn plates work?

Wheel alignment turn plates, which are essential for testing four-wheel alignments, are an indispensable accessory for wheel alignment machines.

What is the working principle behind a four-wheel alignment turntable?

The basic principle behind it is that the wheel rotation adjusts the  rotation of the wheel clamps, to cause the target board and wheel to rotate to the right position. The smooth rotation of the turntable combined with the heavy load-bearing make it easier and more comfortable to turn the wheels. This makes collecting and feeding back data easier, which improves the accuracy and precision of the data and allows for more precise collision repair and correction. The prompts and real-time assistance make it easy for mechanics to avoid making mistakes in the wheel alignment process. Our turn plates can be used on four-wheelers with eccentricity compensation and four-wheelers that don't require eccentricity compensation. This makes the whole process much easier.

How do wheel alignment turn plates work?

It is easy to use the wheel alignment turn plates. See below.

1. Take the turn plates and bridges out of the carton. Place them on portable floor units, stands, racks, or pits.

2. Verify that the turntable's locking pins are not loosening.

3. Place the bridge next to the round plate on the top. This is to allow for smooth pressing of the turntable's wheels.

4. Start the vehicle and drive the wheels up to the top of a turntable to make sure the wheels are in the middle of the turntable.

5. Release the pin, and turn the steering wheel to all the directions you want.

6. Place the wheel stopper at the rear of your wheel to stop it from slipping back

7. You can start your four-wheel alignment test.

The above is the working principle and specific operation steps of the four wheel alignment mechanical turntable, for more questions, please feel free to contact us through the following ways: mail: sales@shengxinwj.com, Tel: 86-769-89876919.

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