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Car Turntable

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Advantage of us(the wheel alignment accessories manufacturer)

● We focus on wheel alignment accessories industry around 20+ years.

● We are the leading wheel alignment accessories manufacturer in China.

● We are very professional in OEM service

● We have a large number of high-precision machines for processing, strict production and QC control processes, and a strong engineer team, to ensure the precision and high quality of our products, high output and fast delivery.

● We have rich export experience, a large number of products to Eastern Europe, North America, Australia and other oversea markets, products quality has been recognized by overseas customers.

● We are your most ideal and wise choice

Turntable details:

Characters of wheel alignment universal turntable:

●  Suitable for all wheel alignment machines and lifts, such CCD, 3D wheel alignment machine, etc.

● Designed to be used as portable floor units or on stands, racks or pits.

● It used for easy turning of tyre during wheel alignment test, These turntables indicate accurate toe-out on turn angle of each wheel,  allowing the bottom of the wheel to turn freely while alignment adjustments are made.

● It made by high quality aluminium and steel, high strenght and big load capacity.

● Full-floating ball bearing plate inside, make sure the wheel move to all directions smoothly.

● With an angle meter and pointer on it, Large dials are easily read from any angle and can be adjusted to zero starting position at any time, allowing up to 50 degrees of left and right measurement (as well as a 360 rotation after take off the lock pin)

● Jacks are not necessary as turntables have non-skid design to minimize sliding.

Turntable on production line&shipment:

Use Instructions:

● Put the turntable to your working place, like even floor, stands, racks or pits.

● Remember to lock the turntable with locking pins.

● Put the passing bridges next to the top round plate on the turntable.

● Drive the car onto the turntable and make sure the tire is in the middle of the top round plate of the turntable.

● Then you can turn the steering wheel to the position you want and perform your wheel alignment test

Factory equipment:

Specification of wheel alignment clamp


All wheel alignment machine and lift

Turntable size


Top base plate diameter


Rotation degree


Raw material

Alu, steel, plastic


Grey, red,etc

Load capacity

4-6 ton

Unilateral sliding distance








One set incl.

2pcs turntables+2pcs passing bridges+2pcs thrust blocks


Q1:  Can the plates spin 360 degrees?

Yes, after loose the locking pin, it can turn 360 degree.

Q2:  Is there a suddenly stop in the plates?

No, it turns smoothly.

Q3:  What is the load capacity for the turntable?

4-6 tons load capacity.

Q4:  Do they have bearings inside?

Yes, full-floating ball bearing plate made by polyurethane and steel.

Or if you want, we can provide steel bearing with full-floating ball bearing plate.

Q5:  Did the rubber parts(passing bridges and thrust block) include to the turntables?

Yes, if buy turntable, you can get 2PCS free passing bridges and 2PCS thrust blocks inside.


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