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Brake Depressor

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Features of car brake pedal deporessor.

● Necessary tool for wheel alignment test.

● Suitable for fixing all brake pedals.

● Simple structure, easy to use, seemingly simple, but actually easy to use.

● Material: steel, plastic.

● Put the bottom hook onto the brake pedal and put the steel plate under the seat.

● The total length is around 30 inch, you can customize the length you want.

● The contact surface is smooth and does not damage the brake pedal and the leather of seat.

Brake pedal depressor details

详情页1-brake pedal depressor details

Use instruction:

● Open the box , take it out and assemble the steel plate to it.

● Put the bottom onto the brake pedal.

● Adjust the steel plate to fix under the seat.

● To make sure it will not shake.

● Then you can perform your wheel alignment test.

Brake pedal depressor on production line

详情页2-steering wheel holder on production line

Specification of car brake pedal deporessor


All wheel alignment machine

Product length

30 inch


Silver&red etc

Raw material

Alu, steel, plastic



Packing size






Production equipment

详情页3-Production equipment


Q1, What is your advantage compare with others?

Our products are cleverly designed, simple to use, and cost-effective for you.

Q2, Can you customize a different car steering wheel holder&brake pedal depressor?

Yes, we are professional in OEM (customized) products.

Q3, Can you do the car steering wheel holder a different color?

Yes, we can do the color you like.

Q4: How to prove your OEM service capability?

- We have a team of highly capable engineers.

- We have sophisticated machines to cooperate with making sample at any time.

- We have a professional sales team to follow up and communicate the entire design and sample status communication, so that the entire project can be carried out quickly and smoothly

Q5, How do you control your quality?

- Incoming material check and trace.

- Strict check policy: First product check, random check during production, full check before packing.

- Precise machines to keep product precise

- Skilled technicians and workers.

Q6, How do you solve the defective products?

First of all, our products is stable and seldom defects, but if defect happens, please take photos and send them to us, we will analyze the reasons and confirm solutions. If it is our problem, we will take our responsibility.


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